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On entering secondary school, students can choose one of the following courses: 
Languages and Humanities course;
Socio-economic Sciences course;
Science and Technology Course.
Colégio Rainha Dona Leonor strives to train critical, versatile, autonomous, creative and entrepreneurial students. For this reason, the classroom is not confined to the class room, nor is it restricted to the syllabus in the textbook. There are moments of learning and skills development beyond the classroom, such as study visits to the different subjects and/or courses; visits to colleges; visits to companies/factories; debates and conferences (for which the students are responsible); the development of solidarity and social responsibility projects; study visits abroad. Practical knowledge, through experimentation, takes center stage, transforming the classroom into an interactive space where the student plays a fundamental role.

Colégio Rainha D. Leonor has seen projects approved under the Erasmus+ program, which have enabled enriching exchanges.

Support sessions are available for all subjects (subject reinforcement) in the afternoon, in addition to the "Recovery +" program, which consists of extra individualized support, scheduled by the subject teacher and coordinated with the student. As the name suggests, this time will be used to recover students who have obtained a negative mark in a particular assessment instrument, who have dropped their mark from the first to the second assessment period, or who need to consolidate content.