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At the beginning of Secondary Education, students may choose Vocational Courses.

Within Vocational Education, students can choose courses in the areas of Sports (Sports Technician), Education (Childhood Support/Educational Action Technician), and Communication (Communication Technician, Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising). The choice of these areas is related to the business fabric of the city where Colégio Rainha Dona Leonor is located. The aim is to prepare students for the world of work through these courses, establishing partnerships and protocols that allow a connection to job markets from the outset. CRDL is open to offering courses in other areas, with proposals being evaluated annually and coordinated in meetings promoted by CimOeste.

Starting from the 2nd year of each course, students undertake professional internships in local/regional companies, equipping them with skills acquired in a real-world context. In the final year, students also complete a Professional Aptitude Test, which involves presenting and defending, before a jury, a project embodied in a product, material or intellectual, an intervention or performance, depending on the nature of the courses, as well as the respective final report of accomplishment and critical evaluation, demonstrating the knowledge and professional skills acquired throughout the training and structuring the young person's future professional development. Colégio Rainha D. Leonor has seen projects approved under the Erasmus+ program, allowing students from vocational courses to intern in other countries.

Note: Enrolling in a vocational course is not subject to tuition fees, as these courses are supported by POCH and the European Union.